industrial filtration

Solutions for Industrial Filtration

In addition to providing top-performing water filtration systems for municipalities, emergency water purification, mobile water filtration systems and DE filtration, we also provide effective water treatment solutions for filtered water used in industrial production processes for:

  • Automotive- Almost all aspects of automotive production use water. Some estimates state that producing 1 automobile can use up to 40,000 gallons of water! So it makes sense for production facilities to have a sustainable source of efficient, treated water from a reliable filtration system that helps them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Food & Beverage- Water filtration is an integral part of food and beverage production & processing, rinsing, storage, equipment maintenance, and dilution of concentrates and cleaning agents.
  • Pharmaceutical- Purified water that meets specific criteria can be used as ingredient materials in drug production to minimize the possibility of microbial contamination, as well as the cleaning systems used throughout the production facility.
  • Chemical & Coating- Water filtration systems are key for painting and coating production in order to remove contaminants and meet both product and EPA requirements. It is imperative, for example, that all oils and greases be removed from all wastewater. Ask us how we can develop an effective treatment system for your chemical & coating waste-water treatment applications.
  • Building Services- To control sediment and other contaminants, as well as eliminate scaling and mineral residue from hard water, water filtration systems can be used throughout any facility. A higher-quality water product can reduce the need for equipment maintenance and actually extend the life-cycle of equipment that uses water to operate.

For most industrial applications, the use of filtered water will:

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Protect Equipment Life
  • Lower Energy Costs- savings on electricity & water costs
  • Increase Process Efficiency- greater water security with less reliance on raw water.

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