Vacuum Water Filters

Separmatic’s state-of-the-art vacuum water filters are engineered expressly for today’s critical water filtration requirements:

• Potable waters
• Process water
• Cooling towers
• Oil field flooding
• Condensatele waters
• Community swimming pools

The filter elements in a Separmatic vacuum filter may be either tubular or plate design with fine mesh porous coverings. Both types provide efficient, economical performance while ensuring the purity and safety of your water for industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

Advantages of Separmatic Vacuum Water Filtration Systems

Separmatic Vacuum Water Filters:

• Are available in multiple units for any size or flow rate desired
• Provide you with the lowest initial and operating costs
• Are more economical for large-filtration installations
• Use less complicated and less expensive piping
• Allows continuous observation of the filter operation and easy access for inspection and cleaning

In addition, any system may be:

• Automated with special automatic controls to allow for attention-free operation
• Skid Mounted for portability (not recommended for permanent installations)

Diatomite Pressure Water Filters

Separmatic’s Diatomite pressure water filters have a variety of applications:

Potable Water: for consistent quality
Process Water: for high polish water
Condensate: for removal of oil and suspended metal oxides
Oil Field Flooding: for high clarity injection water
Cooling Towers: to remove suspended solids
Swimming Pools: for top filtration efficiency

Separmatic’s pressure water filters perform faithfully wherever top-quality filtered water is needed. The units are available skid mounted for portability, in cases where the installation is not permanent. In addition, any system may be automated for attention-free operation, and multiple units may be combined to provide flexibility for any filtration requirement.

Longer, More Efficient Filter Runs

The filter elements are given a diatomite precoat before the filter run. Water pumped into the filter flows through the pre-coat layer, into the element, then out the top, filtered and crystal clear. To obtain maximum filter runs, additional “body feed” diatomite is fed continuously into the filter. This prevents plugging and keeps the diatomite layer porous for proper filtering action.

Air-Bump and Air-Vac Cleaning

Instead of ordinary backwashing, which is often ineffective, Separmatic filters use the “Air-Bump” principle. Air trapped in the filter dome is released suddenly to provide a high-energy, reverse flow through the filter. This process effectively pops off the dirty filter cake. During cleaning, the “Air-Vac” system allows air to enter the tank, producing a vigorous scrubbing action on the surface of each filter element.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

We are a top provider of earth filters for de filtration systems across the US.  Learn more about de filters and diatomaceous earth filtration here.

Water Treatment Systems from Wisconsin

Separmatic is proudly a long-established water treatment system company located in Southeast Wisconsin, but we service locations across the entire United States. View our gallery of just some of our US municipal water purification projects.

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