Emergency Water Filters For Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Radioactive Waste and More

Emergency water treatment demoIn the event of a disaster such as a hurricane, affecting the quality and safety of your municipal water supply, it’s imperative to have an emergency water purification plan in place to roll out and restore the quality and purity of your drinking water as soon as possible.

At Separmatic, we can help you and your community services be prepared for any potential natural or man-made threat to your water supply, or help you after a disaster strikes. Our emergency water purification systems have helped with hurricane water purification, flooding, and industrial chemical spills. Our over 55 years of customized water filtration experience and track record of success makes us your best choice for water purification in the event of an emergency.

We provide mobile and portable emergency water filtration systems for a variety of applications. Some of our most common are listed below.


Emergency Hurricane & Flood Water Filtration

During hurricanes and floods, the need for purified water is critical. With almost all water systems contaminated, drinking floodwater or water from hurricanes can cause disease and infection that can affect the masses.

In dire situations such as a hurricane or flood, reaching a large group of people with purified water can be a challenge. Some well-prepared individuals might have their own personal purification systems, but when your city or town is underwater, you need a robust system to keep everyone healthy.

Separmatic has emergency water purification systems for events such as hurricanes or floods. If you are in a flood zone or get frequent hurricanes, ask us today about what we can do for you!


Radioactive waster disaster cleanup demoRadioactive Waste Cleanup

In addition to water filtration and purification services, we offer radioactive waste cleanup of contaminated locations that threaten the safety of your water. Separmatic even has the ability to purify water in the event of a nuclear incident. We proudly provide wastewater cleanup for the U.S. military and can bring this level of service and commitment to your community.


Industrial Water Cleanupemergency water purification

In the event of a chemical spill that threatens the water safety of your business and the surrounding community, call us immediately to work with you to come up with and deploy a water cleanup plan. Time is of the essence to not only first and foremost keep people and your water supply safe, but to help mitigate any reputation damage to your business and limit the cost of further EPA fines due to lack of timely cleanup.

Learn More About Our Water Filtration Process

Check out this video to learn about our filtration process and how we can help you:


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