Municipal Water Filtration Systems

Separmatic filters provide a high-quality, finished water virtually free of cryptosporidium, e-coli, giardia, and other disease-causing bacteria. Our systems are custom designed to meet all the needs of each specific municipality’s special water management needs. We provide commercial pool water filtration, water filtration for zoos, for drinking water, and more! No matter the source of the raw water, Separmatic has the technical know how to provide the correct filtration solution for your water development project.

Separmatic’s Diatomaceous Earth water filter systems provide an inexpensive, easy-to-use system that requires little to no backwash water and can be backwashed and back in service in 30 min. or less.

Municipal Water Treatment & Filtration

As the world population continues to grow, the challenges increase to provide safe, potable drinking water to municipalities to meet the increased need. Separmatic’s high-quality municipal water treatment filtration systems consistently meet this challenge by removing impurities from local source water to deliver fresh, clean water to communities. We step up to the challenges of aging water supply infrastructures, clean water scarcity, and discharge limits to deliver the highest level of clean water that complies with all regulatory requirements for municipal water filtration and treatment.

Wastewater & Water Resources Management

Separmatic is known industry-wide to be the #1 solution for customized, high-quality, and durable wastewater and water resource management solutions. View our Gallery Page to see some of our professionally engineered water filtration equipment that are designed and developed to provide filtration solutions to long-standing and new water resource development projects.

Pre- and Post-Water Filtration

municipal water filtrationSeparmatic’s municipal water filters may utilize pre-filtration and/or post-filtration, depending upon the turbidity and particle load of the raw source. This may consist of sand, bag filters, cartridge filters, multi-media or any of these in combination along with our diatomaceous earth filters for water purification:

  • Sand: Used in the removal of suspended solids and high turbidity.
  • Bag or Cartridge: For high flow rates may be used in a housing featuring multiple bags or cartridges. This would be used to remove particles to 5 microns to assist the DE filter where heavy amounts of suspended solids and high turbidity are present.
  • Multi-Media: These filters consist of multiple layers of different media sizes. This allows for high loading rates of suspended solids. Multi-media filters can remove sediment down to the 10 micron range.
  • Activated carbon or Carbon Block: Typically used for post-filtration activated carbon or carbon block filters remove unpleasant taste and odors, dechlorination, or organic contaminant absorption.

DE Filters for Drinking Water Filtration

municipal water treatmentSeparmatic diatomaceous earth municipal Drinking Water Treatment systems can be either pressure or vacuum. Pressure vessels can be either carbon steel with an epoxy coating or made of stainless steel. They are designed to work at pressures up to 150 psi. Vacuum vessels are made of stainless steel and, where space is tight, provide the most square footage of water treatment and filtration. ASME code vessels are available. Separmatic DE filters run with very little manual attention and can be set up to run virtually hands free.

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