Portable Water Filtration System: Pilot Testing

pilot testing with portable water filtration systemPilot testing offers you a cost-effective way to test the effectiveness of a filtration system before committing to a large-scale solution. Pilot testing is a great option for variable source water conditions. Reduce your risk by running a pilot test with Separmatic. We have trailers available with multiple filtration configurations that can accommodate changes in your filtration requirements and get the most out of your pilot run. Our trailers are also equipped with turbidimeters and particle counters, and we use the latest software to chart and graph your pilot study data 24 hours a day. This data is a key component in determining the needs of your final filtration solution.

Separmatic believes in the importance of pilot testing. We have qualified technicians available to set up and run pilot tests, or train on-site personnel to run the portable water purification system. Give us a call today!

pilot testing inside a pilot test trailerBenefits of Pilot Testing with Separmatic:

• Gain Confidence
• Collect Data
• Low Cost
• Risk Reduction
• Test New Technology



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