High-Quality Municipal Water Treatment Filtration Systems

Separmatic filters provide a high-quality finished water virtually free of cryptosporidium, e-coli, giardia, and other disease-causing bacteria. Our municipal water filtration systems are custom designed to meet all the needs of each specific municipality’s special needs. No matter the source of the raw water, Separmatic has the technical know-how to provide the correct filtration solution.

Pre- and Post-Filtration Methods

Separmatic municipal water filters may utilize pre-filtration and/or post-filtration methods, depending upon the turbidity (cloudiness) and particle load of the raw source. This may include any of the following in combination with our diatomaceous earth filters:

Sand: Used in the removal of suspended solids and high turbidity.
Bag or Cartridge Filters: For high flow rates may be used in a housing featuring multiple bags or cartridges. This would be used to remove particles to 5 microns to assist the DE filter where heavy amounts of suspended solids and high turbidity are present.
Multi-Media: These filters consist of multiple layers of different media sizes. This allows for high loading rates of suspended solids. Multi-media filters can remove sediment down to the 10 micron range.
Activated carbon or Carbon Block Filters: Typically used for post-filtration activated carbon or carbon block filters remove unpleasant taste and odors, dechlorination, or organic contaminant absorption.

Municipal Water Filtration in Wisconsin and throughout the USA

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