Diatomaceous Earth Water Filtration Systems by Separmatic


A Track Record of Diatomaceous Earth Water Filter Systems Success

Separmatic LLC has been a leading manufacturer and installer of pressure and vacuum diatomaceous earth (DE) filters for over 50 years. We have successfully performed custom water filtration systems installations at facilities across the United States, from New York to California.

Some of our major clients have included NASA, The United States Department of Defense, The U.S. Treasury Department, and many Zoological Parks and Commercial Installations from coast to coast.  We are also actively performing ongoing research with The U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Our years of experience and know-how are unsurpassed in the water filtration industry!

Our technical experts promote and utilize the latest design techniques and DE filtration technology to install the proper system for any application. Our custom products are sturdily built from fiberglass or stainless steel and meet local, state, and national codes.  Our DE filtration systems ensure you:

  • High-quality effluent
  • Low up from cost relative to competing technologies
  • Ease of maintenance, and
  • Long filter runs

We are your #1 choice for high-quality & customized

At Separmatic we’re large enough to serve you but small enough to provide you with the quality and professional service you deserve.

Call us today at (414) 466-5200 or Contact Us Here to find out how we can help develop a custom earth filter solution for your water filtration needs.