Separmatic: A Municipal Water Treatment Company

Separmatic is a municipal water treatment company founded in 1962 in Milwaukee, WI, and moved to its current Menomonee Falls facility in 2004. We are proud to be a Wisconsin-based industry that provides custom water filtration systems across the United States.

Water Treatment Systems & Applications

municipal water treatment company

We specialize in building and installing DE vacuum and pressure filtration systems. With over 50 years of filtration industry experience, we have the knowledge and skills to design and install the proper filtration system for almost any water treatment application. We will work with end users, business owners, and consultant engineers to get the job done right.

We serve a number of industries, including:
• Petroleum: petrochemical and natural gas waste water filtration
• Industrial manufacturing: industrial pollution, fracking filtration, filter fracking brine
• Zoological parks (e.g. Milwaukee County Zoo) to provide superior filtration for crystal clear water in aquatic exhibits
• Commercial: schools and municipalities, including commercial pool water filtration

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