Fracking Water Treatment | Hydraulic Fracking Wastewater Management & Recycling

Separmatic LLC helps protect the environment by providing safe water filtering solutions for the produced wastewater generated from the hydraulic fracturing process. Our fracking treatment process is a centralized solution that:

• Absorbs hydrocarbons from the produced water byproduct
• Reduces the need for deep-well injections, thus reducing the threat of earthquakes

The filtered water can then be re-used, reducing the demand for fresh water. This also saves companies transportation costs to import fresh water and export the waste product.

Fracking Water Treatment Solutions by Separmatic

Our fracking filtration provides the needed solution to address the long-term concerns of diminished fresh water resources, increased regulations on waste-water disposal, and environmental safety concerns. We provide safe, economical and effective means of absorbing harmful hydrocarbons and other harmful materials from the produced waste water, which reduces the environmental impact and pollution caused by pond storage.

fracking wastewater treatment
Before and after pics of fracking water filtered by Separmatic. After more than 3 years, there is no sediment in the filtered sample.

Separmatic is the frac water treatment company of choice throughout the US.

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