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Diatomaceous Earth Filtration

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration Systems

For a finished water that puts you in compliance without much maintenance or breaking the bank, check out our line of diatomaceous earth filters.

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration Pre-coat and body feed tanksTypical results include:

  • Long intervals between backwashes
  • Potable water with .010 NTU levels or less
  • Dependable operation even in unattended locations
  • More effective than sand filters

Separmatic filters produce a first rate finished water virtually free of cryptosporidium, giardia and other disease causing bacteria.

They work so well, a regulatory official in a northeastern state described a Separmatic DE filter as the best performer of 15 systems evaluated.

For more information about our versatile, efficient and inexpensive diatomaceous earth filters, call us at 414-466-5200!

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration
Pressure and Vacuum Systems

Pressure vessles southeast United States installation
Pressure Vessels Southeast
United States Installation

Eastern United States Pressure Diatomaceous Earth installation

Eastern United States
Pressure Diatomaceous
Earth Installation

Southeastern United States installation site
Southeastern United
States Installation Site
Hoist for removal of domes during maintenance
Hoist For Removal of
Domes During Maintenance
Separmatic filter drinking water system
Separmatic Filter
Drinking Water System
Instrumentation panel southeast United States installation
Instrumentation Panel
Southeast United States Installation

Separmatic filter pre-coat and body feed system

Separmatic DE filter drinking water system

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